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“Web development" is a term that is often confused with “website design", but they mean different things.

Web development is an activity done by PROGRAMMERS to either build special functionality for a website, or build a special kind of web application that performs unique functionality or provides a special service.

For example, let's say you are an accountant and you want an informational website built so your business has an online presence – this is “website design". But, if you later decide that you need a unique area built in your site where your accounting clients can upload or download their personal documents securely, and even sign them online, and where expenses and income for each client could be automatically integrated into their Quickbooks accounts, THAT would be “website development" work.

Basically, if the functionality you want is already out there on the web and all that needs to be done is to download or purchase it, set it up, adjust the settings, tweak the design, etc, then all you need is a website designer. But if something NEW needs to be built, or NEW FUNCTIONALITY has to be created, that's when we call in the web developers.

Do you have a vision for a type of web application that doesn't currently exist? Is there a type of web software you wish you had that could potentially save your company lots of time and effort if someone would just build it? Do you have need of a plugin, module or extension for your site that isn't out there on the market right now?

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